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John Muir Health is a health care service headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, and serving Contra Costa County, California, and surrounding communities. It was formed in 1997 from the merger of John Muir Medical Center and Mt. Diablo Medical Center.

A former Biller and Collector from Concord, CA shared some thoughts about working for John Muir Health in a review posted by INDEED: "This place is a horrible place to work!! Everyone eventually quits. Management is terrible, discrimination, racism etc.... favoritisms really do your research before you waste your years"


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Research Analyst (Current Employee) says

"- Good reputation in the industry - Friendly working environment - Flexible schedule - 90% of dirty work plus 10% of real work - you are NOT encouraged to work hard because you will NOT get much reward - management changes mind easily. Don't believe their promises - If you just want a pay check and relax your brain this is the place for you otherwise stay awaybenefits, work-life balancecareer path, salary, bonus"

Associate Research Analyst (Current Employee) says

"IPA works with world class organizations, and is one of the leading project management consulting firms for the industrial sector. The people working at the company are data-driven, intellectually curious, and nice. The benefits are great: 4 weeks vacation, medical, dental, 401k, sabbatical every 6 years. However, upper management lacks competency and vision. There are pervasive human capital management issues: this company cannot keep the HR positions filled, does not offer competitive salaries, does not have clear career paths, and over-works all of its analysts. Many of these issues lead to great people leaving the organization.Benefits, people, clientsPay, Limited Advancement, Poor Management"

Research Analyst (Current Employee) says

"- Daily work on different phases of producing a data product (Business problem - analytical problem - data collection from heterogeneous sources - data transformation/manipulation - model development - business intelligent). - Love to playing with data: finding pattern/insightful information from the massive data. - Enjoy writing statistical code for the development of predictive and prescriptive models."

Global Human Resources Manager (Current Employee) says

"Most employees love the work they do -- meaningful work. Great benefits, hard working employees. Global company offers a lot of opportunity for travel."

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